Thursday, 21 May 2009

A very important edition of Question Time

A great lineup on Question Time tonight and one worthy of such an important occasion. Usually there's at least one panelist on the show who can be relied upon during the course of the hour to talk such waffling, inanity ridden nonsense (think Hazel Blears *shudder*) that you are left wanting to put your fist through the television. While Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has made a career out of talking (often virulently racist) nonsense she cannot be accused of being a dull minded waffler. William Hague, Martin Bell and Vince Cable can be relied upon to talk with eloquence and intelligence while Marta Andreasan is a perfect addition for the times having experienced first hand the kind of corruption and thieving that is rife amongst career statists.

If the audience are anywhere near as furious and feisty as they were last week this should be memorable viewing indeed.

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