Friday, 14 August 2009

A highly recommended blog - please check it out.

Now i read a hell of a lot of blogs. The nature of my work (BBC Researcher) as well as personal interest means i have plenty of opportunity and cause to read through all the major and many minor blogs. And while i have a decent sprinkling of science/technology/economics/language/religion based bloggers on my list the great majority i follow are political in nature. However i recently, and quite randomly, stumbled across this site:

Now i have quite an eclectic range of interests and this is the first site/blog i've ever seen where the author probably outdoes me in terms of the sheer range of topics they find interesting. Whether it's the bizarre use of Scottish Gaelic in the new GI:Joe movie, a detailed look at the Scandinavian languages and why Norwegian is the easiest language for English speakers to learn or why Persian is a far easier language to learn than most people think.

Scientific and technological pieces looking at the use of web censorship technologies in the USA, Iran and China, manned missions to the moon, mars and asteroids to a video imagining the size of the universe or a piece on the necessity of "grit" in the learning process.

From in depth analysis of the ongoing post-election crisis in Iran to the fact that more Iranian grad students are moving to Canada. From the recent discovery of a 14,000 year old map in Spain to the revealation that Jewish groups in Germany want Mein Kampf to be published once again or that the Cash for Clunkers programme might be expanding to Canada.

The range of topics covered is quite incredible and the depth and intelligence of the analysis is very, very impressive. Quite simply whatever you find interesting, this blog will interest you. Check it out now.

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