Friday, 14 August 2009

The NHS is to politicians what shit is to flies.

NHS attack by MEP 'unpatriotic'

Health secretary Andy Burnham: "Mr Cameron looks rattled today"

Health Secretary Andy Burnham has accused a Tory MEP who attacked the NHS on American TV of being "unpatriotic".

Labour has stepped up its criticism of Daniel Hannan, who waded into the debate over Barack Obama's health bill.

They claim his view - that the NHS is outdated, unfair and should be scrapped - is shared by many Conservatives.

But David Cameron said Mr Hannan's view was "eccentric" and accused Labour of making a meal of the row, stressing that the NHS was his top priority.

I don't hate the NHS, but nor do i make a sexual fetish out of it like many. However there is something absolutely repulsive about seeing the likes of Andy Burnham accusing others of being 'unpatriotic' for criticising it. This from the Labour scum who have run the armed forces into the ground and are happy to leave soldiers dying due to lack of armour, lack of properly armoured ground vehicles, lack of helicopters and then try to deny them any proper support and compensation if they're badly injured?

'Scum' barely does justice to these people. Criticism of the NHS is no more 'unpatriotic' than defending it blindly is inherently 'patriotic'. Grow the fuck up.


Faustyh said...

Obama and Co are trying to pull off the same stunt - labelling dissenters as unpatriotic.

How feeble-minded do they think we are?

It all started in America.

Costello said...

Yes indeed. I'm fairly sure i can recall a period - between 2001 and early 2009 was it? - where pretty much the entire left-wing establishment couldn't face a single day without protesting that the President of the USA was Hitler reincarnated whenever he, well, got out of bed or smiled too widely or whatever the fuck:

Now all of a sudden dissent isn't "patriotic" anymore? Not only that but all of a sudden it's actively Evil? That's an impressive feat of mental gymnastics, i'll grant them that much.